OpenHIE Facility Registry Call - Agenda


We are looking forward to having you join the Facility Registry Community call this Thursday 17th October. If you missed the invite like I do at times, no worries, it is included in the attachment for your ease. Glad to share
with you the agenda as well.



OpenHIE Facility Registry Community Call.ics (4.64 KB)

  1. Planning for OHIE19- Addis Ababa Nov 4-8:

  2. FR Meeting in Addis Ababa (various scenarios) – 15 mins

  3. Questionnaire review and solicitation of feedback – 30 mins :

  4. Intrahealth intro of HFR implementation – 15 mins

You will notice in the agenda a googledoc link to a draft questionnaire. We seek to use the questionnaire to get feedback from as many in the OpenHIE community during the community meeting in Addis next month. Please review the draft and
come with your suggestions for improvement for a final piece.

We look forward to good discussion with you this Thursday.



Bill Martin Osumba, MD, MPH

Health IT Business Analyst | Research Computing Division | Africa Regional Office

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