OpenHIE Demo Site

Posting on behalf of Larry Lemmon.

We would like to make the
OpenHIE Demo Site as realistic as possible. To this end, we want to
create demo data that reflects several health care systems, with each system
having multiple point-of-service facilities, and having several providers
practicing within each system.

Based on the demo data we
received from the Provider Registry group and the Facility Registry group, we
have selected 10 health systems that have multiple point-of-service facilities,
and have randomly assigned providers to those systems. We would
like your help in changing the provider and facility demo data to reflect these
assignments. That is, we would like the facility data to indicate
which providers are allowed to practice within the respective health care system,
and the provider data to indicate which health system(s) the provider is
affiliated with. Ideally, we would like a data set from each
group that could be directly imported into the corresponding registry, given
that a nightly refresh of the demo site is planned. The attached
spreadsheet has a tab of the demo health care systems/facilities selected, and
a tab of providers assigned to those help systems.

As we discussed in the
Architecture meeting here in Indianapolis, it is important to be able to
reflect the connection between facilities and providers. One use
case for more tightly integrated facilities and providers would be the ability
to select a facility from a specific health system that gives prenatal care,
then select a provider associated with that facility that could provide the
prenatal care. Another use case would be to generate
usage reports by cross-linking facility and provider.


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