OpenHIE Community Call - Monday, Feb. 27 - Updates to the OHIN conference dates - please review by eod Fri 3/3


I have updated the conference proposal google doc with dates of other (potentially conflicting) events for this summer.

Please take a look at feel free to add any that you think are missing (pg2)

At the current moment it looks like there is some open calendar time in late July, with the need to stay away from some country national holidays at the beginning of the month, I have listed possible dates starting
7/17. I have checked several country holiday calendars and have noted the election in Kenya

I will be reaching out to Henry in Tanzania this week to get feedback from the Tanzanian ministry to understand their preferences for late July so please enter any known conflicts this week. Also feel free to
send me your preferences via eMail if your organization has a conflict and would like to prioritize one week over another. (speak now or forever hold you peace

We are very excited to be planning our first “annual” OHIN conference. This is a very important milestone in the life of the OHIE community.

Thanks for all your help in making this a huge success.


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