OpenHIE at mHealth Summit

Dear OpenHIE enthusiasts,

Are you coming to the mHealth Summit? Please let us know!

We have been offered a room from 9-12 on Tuesday morning, Dec 9th at the mHealth Summit to hold an open conversation about interoperability frameworks for eHealth and mHealth systems. If you are coming to the Summit and interested in per - let us know! If you are not currently planning to attend the summit, but would like to attend for this meeting - let us know that too - we can see about arranging a pass for the session.

If there are enough people attending and interested in having a conversation to explore greater engagement and participation of mHealth technologies in developing and supporting OpenHIE, we will organize and support the event - next step will be an open call later this week to get organized. OpenHIE is one of the most available and appropriate frameworks for technology platforms to contribute and consume health information, and the opportunity to unite different systems and technologies into a greater whole.

As a case example, we can use the recent mHero deployment in Liberia to support the Ebola response- linking DHIS2, iHRIS, and UNICEF’s RapidPro mHealth platform using OpenHIE technologies - other case examples are very welcome if you know of other contexts where OpenHIE has been used to link eHealth and mHealth approaches into a collaborative ecosystem.

Thank you to all those who have responded to my earlier outreach next week. We are getting very close to a critical mass of interested participants - now we want to be sure everyone who is interested gets an invitation.

Looking forward to your thoughts - please let us know if you have any questions or concerns,