OpenHIE Academy Updates: 2 New Courses & Certification

The OpenHIE Academy has launched two new courses! The Academy website hosts our free, virtual, self-paced courses.

Course 345 - Terminology
Course 345 on Terminology will help participants establish the foundation for healthcare data journey by equipping users with the information and abilities needed to understand healthcare standards (like ICD-9, 0CD-10, SNOMED, LOINC and other clinical data standards) and terminologies. This course covers several concepts on how terminologies help organize vocabularies and concepts and make computations more manageable.

Course 245 - Facility Management
Course 245 on Facility Management will provide a state-of-the-science overview of a Health Facility Registry (HFR) and a Master Facility List (MFL). This course will include an introduction to these terms, the value of an HFR, steps in establishing an HFR along with real-life examples of success, standards, and technology components of an HFR.

Don’t Forget About the Academy Certification!

The OpenHIE Academy community now offers a certification! This initial certification will demonstrate the recipient has a foundational understanding of health information exchange

Those interested in obtaining this certification will want to ensure they are properly prepared before registering or purchasing access to the exam.

All certification details, steps, and links to educational resources are posted on this page: Certification – OpenHIE Academy.