OpenHIE Academy Launched - 2 Courses Now Available!

The OpenHIE Academy has launched with 2 introductory courses on the foundation of HIE and an overview of the architecture. The online learning tool is ready for users to sign in, use your OpenHIE ID, also your Discourse and Wiki log-in information, and begin earning certificates upon course completion!

We hope you will share this link with those who are interested in learning more about OpenHIE!

If you would like to join the Academy Community in planning for future courses, the community meeting times can be found here:

Please also use this post as a space to provide feedback and ideas you’d like to share!


A special thanks goes out to all of the contributors! I would love for more people to engage as we create additional materials that help lay the foundation for health information exchange. Respond to this post or email me if you have materials that can contribute to future modules or if you would like to be a part of the team that moves this concept forward.


It’s exciting to see how far the #OHIEAcademy has come since its inception in 2019! Thank you to the community for tell us what you needed and supporting this effort! Also thanks to OHIE @Leads for giving us a foundation to build upon.


Hello @jennifer.e.shivers,
I would definitely like to be “half-part” of the team working on this.
As I am still learning much of what is out there helping out would be great too.

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Here is our new blog post that highlights the Academy in more detail:

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Thank you Jennifer and the team for the great work you have done, putting these materials together and explaining them in a simple language cheers. :slight_smile:

I have slight observation on one of scenario, I think there’s a numbering typo that can be corrected as attached


Thanks for the catch @matheweden we’ll look into making the edit. Please let us know if you have any other feedback!

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Hello @ibwighane and thank you for sharing that you are interested in participating in working on the Academy!

@jennifer.e.shivers Reached out recently with some links and further information for you and we also wanted to ensure that you received an invitation to attend the next Academy Community meeting on February 11 from 8 to 9 a.m. (EST). Information on this call can be found here:

Please reach out if you have any questions!

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