OpenHIE Academy - Does your organization have material to add?

To: OHIE Community and Partners

Hello. We had a bit of success with the OpenHIE Academy in 2021. Since the launch in Jan of 2021, we have grown from zero to nearly 400 unique academy users. If your organization has training or informative material that can be used to help explain concepts or tools related to health information exchange, please share it with us. We will be happy to amplify the material and make it available to the larger community.

In the mean time, stay tuned for a release of new courses related to terminology and facility management in the new year.


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Hi Jennifer,
This is great news, congrats to all!
I have some material that will be great to put together on ‘Defining Public Health use cases’. I think there was a topic identified around this. Please share the list of topics and I will be happy to help.
Thanks, Vikas


I hope you are well. It would be great to have material on identifying and documenting use cases.

We are changing our format for the courses and reshaping the academy to get more on-the-ground input and respond to those needs. As you know our key partners in Ethiopia are challenged in accessing the internet and this has impacted our ability to collaborate.

You can find the current material here