Open source EMPI

Hi, I’m Benjamin, a computer science student currently working on my dissertation about implementing a Master Patient Index (MPI). I’m looking for an open-source MPI solution that adheres to the openHIE framework.

I previously explored openEMPI [link], but unfortunately, it’s licensed and doesn’t meet my requirement for an open-source solution.

I’d greatly appreciate any recommendations you might have for existing MPIs that are: Free software, Libraries, or Methodological frameworks that allow for implementation without building from scratch.

Thanks in advance for your help

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Hi Benjamin,

we will be looking into the topic from the health financing side in a while in the openIMIS Initiative. It might come as a surprise at first, but not so much if you look into existing health systems with a reasonable health financing coverage for their populations. So we want to explore our capabilities for MPI with a vision of being able to offer that as a stand-alone solution even without link to health financing.

It would be great to have someone who can do something like a gap analysis of what openIMIS can provide compared to what a native MPI solution would need. That would greatly support our efforts also beyod the health sector in the wider social protection arena. Just to be clear - there might be other tools that are more specialized on MPI (and you should definitly look at them). We don’t want to compete on this, but provide a solution for certain scenarios.

Let me know how we can start a discussion.

Best regards - Uwe

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