OHIN Wednesaday 21 February 2018 - Webinar Registration Link - "HEARTH: an emerging FHIR Registry"

Dear All

We are inviting you to join a webinar presentation on “HEARTH: an emerging FHIR Registry” on the 21 February 2018 to be presented by Mr Ryan Crichton of Jembi Health Systems.

The session will begin with a presentation of about 20 mins - 30 mins which will be followed by questions and answers. The call will be scheduled to commence at 20:00 Manila Time = GMT+8 / 14:00pm SAST (GMT+2)/ 07:00am Atlanta EST (GMT-5).

Please use this link to register: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8849682508173685249

You can access the meeting notes on the link below: https://wiki.ohie.org/display/resources/2018-02-21+OHIN+Africa-Asia+Call

Please pass this invite to those who may not be receiving this mail or who you think would benefit from the discussions.

Hope you will be able to join.

Tariro Mandevani

Project Officer|Jembi Health Systems|South Africa

Cape Town Office:

Tel: +27(0)21 701 0939

Skype: tariro.mandevani2

Email: tariro.mandevani@jembi.org