OHIN 29 November 2017 - Registration Link - Webinar Presentation - (Terminology community and tools that support it)

Dear All

The OHIN Africa- Asia Community will be hosting a call on Wednesday 29 November discussing a topic on “Terminology community and tools that support it” to be presented by Mr Jack Bowie.

We are therefore inviting all implementers from different parts of the world to join the one-hour Webinar session, to learn and share together the difference experiences/expertise.

The call will begin with a presentation of about 30 - 40 minutes which will then be followed by questions and answers. The call is scheduled to begin at 20:00 Manila Time = GMT+8 / 14:00pm SAST (GMT+2)/ Atlanta EST (GMT-5).

Please find the registration link for Nov 29: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6877005814016321794

You can access the meeting notes using this link: https://wiki.ohie.org/display/resources/2017-11-29+OHIN+Africa-Asia+Call

Thank you


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