#OHIE24 Registration Opens Next Week! (And a special HIE Foundations Certification Sale!)

It’s almost time to begin making plans to attend the 2024 OpenHIE Community Meeting!

:hatching_chick: Early-bird registration opens next week! You can learn all about this upcoming event, the early-bird, regular, and late registration fees in this blog post: #OHIE24 - On Our Way to Sri Lanka! - OpenHIE

The 2024 OpenHIE Community Meeting will take place 12-16 November 2024 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. These annual events bring together community members to connect and learn from each others’ shared experiences and strengthen the ability to design and build toward ecosystems that raise the level of health for all.

This year you can expect to see the return of the OpenHIE Architecture Summit, plenary sessions, a connect-a-thon, technical marketplace, Academy Live, virtual site visits, and the much-loved “unconference” sessions!

Learn more about these sessions (more details to be shared as we approach the event), sharing unconference session ideas in advance, and reviewing travel booking recommendations on the ohie24 website: https://ohie24.ohie.org/

Exciting News to Prep for #OHIE24: Certification in HIE Foundations Sale

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to prepare for ohie24. Beginning on 8 July and for a limited time only, the OpenHIE Academy is offering the HIE Foundations Certification at a sale price of $22! You can build and demonstrate proficiency in understanding the foundations of health information exchange. See this OpenHIE Academy page for more information on the recommended process steps to gain this certification.