Good day Community Leads (and please make sure that your community leads are seeing this);

As we have discussed in a few of the previous OHIE-Architecture calls we are pursuing the development of the OHIE-Testing Framework. This is envisaged to be a tool that will accompany the specification and provide a “yard stick” / “measuring framework” to evaluate the adherence to OHIE architectural requirements and workflows and particularly component requirements and standards.

To this end we’ve begun collecting in a singular space a mapping of published specifications (from our specifications) to test scenarios and cases. See OHIE-Test-framework. This document groups (by tab) each of the components within the specification and lists out the specifications, broken into workflow and functional in the tab.

The pattern is that each community will identify test scenarios that represent the specifications and in time begin to enumerate the test cases for those scenarios. As we know, the OHIE community has leveraged pre-existing works such as IHE for conformance testing and we want to build on that. To that end we would ask each community to help identify key scenarios and or test artefacts from pre-existing sources and add them to the appropriate test space.

As an example I’ve found some artefacts from the #legacy:client-registry community and done an initial enumeration of this for the workflows.

I’d be happy to unpack this on an upcoming call if there is a demand.

Cheers Carl