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Dear Jack,

I updated the online table with Philippine information. Thanks for doing this! –

May I share with our AeHIN focal points? I am sure they can put in more data –

Also once finished (or with substantial content), I would like to ask you to present the results via a special AeHIN webinar (special because we will invite the national eHealth focal points to attend) –



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In mid-November I will be participating with Shaun, Eric-Jan Manders, Carl Leitner and Annah Ngaruro in a panel discussion at this year’s American Medical Informatics Association meeting. The title of our panel is “An Overview of Emerging
Real-World OpenHIE Use Cases: Successes, Challenges, and Future Opportunities.” This will be a great opportunity to update an international audience on OHIE and our implementations.

In my section, I would like to highlight our experiences in the use of standard terminologies in OHIE installations. Last year I created a simple spreadsheet that identified what terminologies were used, by domain, at specific OHIE sites.
The domains were areas such as Diagnoses, Procedures, Laboratory Tests, Medications, Medical Devices, etc. I would like to ask for your assistance in updating this document for those, and any new, implementations. As well as the primary standard you are using,
e.g., LOINC or ICD-10, if you are using a regional/national subset of a standard, please note that as well. I believe this data will be of great interest to our audience.

The original spreadsheet is attached, and an editable version can be found here:

If updating the online version is inconvenient or not accessible to you, please feel free to email your comments to me at

Thanks in advance for your assistance,



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