OHIE: Terminology Services Community Call Follow Up - 30 January (ACTION REQUIRED)

Hi Everyone,

Below are the details from today’s Terminology Services call.

Minutes & Recording -

We are trying to arrange a DTS Demo for next week, so please enter your preference into the Doodle Poll by EOD Thursday (January 31st) -

Also, something for the group to think about. We would like to see minutes from community calls posted somewhere publicly so that members of the community can refer to them. A couple of thing about this,

There is a page on the OHIE wiki to capture community call information now but down the road these could be kept wherever the community sees fit and then just be linked to from the OHIE wiki. So where will the community keep artifacts
and resources?

There is a need for a “community coordinator”. Someone to assist with setting up the calls, notes, recording calls, and just general organization. Part of my role is to assist the Terminology Service Community as you start holding
calls and coming together as a group, which I am more than happy to be helping with, but it might be helpful to start thinking whether there are any existing resources for this role. Does anyone have an existing resource in their organization to help with

Jamie Thomas |Health Informatics Project Coordinator

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