OHIE-SC use cases

@derek.ritz and I have been enjoying a read of the the IHE Pharma whitepaper and identifying 2-3 use cases of highest interest to the OHIE-SC group.

For me I recommend we iterate through the traceability information levels that begins with

  1. the product traceability and the use of the product master catalog
  2. incorporate batch/expiry traceability, and then include
  3. unique item traceability
    and use Cases 1-3 with these increasing levels of complexity.

In the future, adding in

  • Use Case 5 “Continued Care Institutions” would have good applicability for routine immunizations, patients on ARVs, TB DOTS treatment, and resupply of family planning products.
  • Use Case 7 “Falsified Medication Check” to take advantage of the unique item identifiers.

One aspect that is not clear to me in the whitepaper is the “hidden nature” of unique item traceability. While the product and batch information is displayed on secondary and tertiary packaging, there is an implied trust of the serialization on the higher levels of packaging containing a set unique serial numbers within. When I supply a box of vaccines to a ward/facility and scan the associated serial number, I’ll need to also register that all of the doses within also transfer to this location. Personally, I’m interested in an offline scenario for this, especially as we want tight control of returned items for the polio endgame.

@derek.ritz , do you have other aspects that interest you for OHIE-SC consideration?

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Hi @btaliesin @derek.ritz @josh.zamor (and others),

Following up on this, the IHE PHARM committee met this morning and kicked this off the development of a FHIR Implementation Guide as an official project. Meeting notes are here:

We are working closely with the co-chair, Jose Teixeira, who is also working on the development of new FHIR resources to support these general use case:

Specifically from the IHE whitepaper, we are proposing to target (if I recall correctly):

  • 23.2.1 Resupply Request
  • 23.2.2 Delivery
  • 23.2.4 Inventory
    and will link to the mCSD and UBP profiles as relevant.

For the time being, we will be starting a weekly call to sort through these issues. The first call is scheduled for next Wednesday, June 10th 2020 at 16:00 hours Central European Summer Time. We will use this first call to determine the best time for the weekly call going forward.


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