OHIE: Health Financing toward UHC Call Outcomes

Thank you to those who were able to join the UHC call today. For those who could not here are some highlights.


HEF Operations guidelines complete Feb 2017.pdf (2.36 MB)

IMIS Manual First Part.pdf (2.46 MB)

RfC_XX_support_of_formal sector_20180715_SB_MS.docx (147 KB)

OpenIMIS functional analysis_needs for the future_MS_SB_ND_070918.docx (40.3 KB)

  1. Jenny Thompson presented a flow diagram for health financing enrollment. The group gave some feedback on the diagram.

  2. Next step : People will continue to share recommendations for outputs with Jenny to enhance the workflow. As well share any country specific examples. Jenny will research open source diagraming
    tools and continue to engage the community for assistance, maybe even convene a working group.

  3. Jennifer Shivers spoke about the OpenHIE diagram and specifically about how the architecture group is asking subcommunities to feed needs/proposal back into the architecture so the need for diagram
    changes can be assessed by the Architecture Review Board (ARB).

  4. Outcome: Jennifer Shivers offered to be the facilitator to bring UHC proposal/needs to the architecture group as the UHC community identifies these.

  5. Next step: Identified a need for an “OpenHIE 101” presentation, Jamie will work to set this up. Likely time will be
    10am EST on January 28, watch for an email.

  6. Viktroia Rabovskaja shared some workflows and welcomes any feedback.

  7. Attached you will find;

i. Health Equity Fund Operational Manuel for Cambodia

ii. Insurance Management Information System Manual - The training manual describing the current enrolment process in Nepal

iii. Two work-in-progress docs (These will be the basis for further modular developments of openIMIS)

  1. general requirements for the formal sector enrolment

  2. a functional analysis done specifically in Nepal on this matter.

  3. Also openIMIS…

i. Generic
Implementation Starter Kit

ii. Specific to Nepal workflows

iii. Formal sector requirements

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