OHIE GitHub Repository Review

I’m currently reviewing the repositories in the OpenHIE GitHub account. I’ve marked the repositories that have not activity since the beginning of 2019 as archived, which means they are still visible, but are read only. The next step is to make these repositories private, for eventual removal. Please review the attached lists and let me know your thoughts.

Archived_Repos.pdf (36.6 KB) Active_Repos.pdf (30.5 KB)


@cjrusk thanks for doing this.

@cleitner1 and @lduncan I’m seeing lots of Infoman stuff, rapid pro, mACM, and mHero stuff. Is any of this actively used?

@sgrannis I see some OpenEMPI stuff and one OpenHIM thing. @ryan

I also see some facility reconciliation thing. @lduncan and @sgrannis

Please see Clint’s message and let us know how to proceed.


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Hi, seems there is nothing from the openhim side that shouldn’t be archived on that list. I think it’s fine to mark un-used repos as archived but I would caution against making them private and deleting them. There may be useful assets in those and if they are not causing an issue I don’t see a problem with them being kept around. What is the push for deleting them?

If it is only reduce clutter I’m sure we could find another way like moving them to separate organisation just for archival.

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