OHIE Facility Registry - Technical Call Today 4/18 is Cancelled


The OHIE Facility Registry - Technical Call today is cancelled given the current transitions and some busy travel schedules. The next technical call is scheduled for May 2 and we look forward to speaking with you then. Apologies for the late notice, if you have any questions or current ongoing issues, feel free to email me or interact through the Facility Registry Google Group and other web tools.


API Issues: https://github.com/facilityregistry/fred-api/issues?state=open

The API is viewable at: http://facilityregistry.org

Facility Registry Wiki: http://is.gd/Ezzmzg

Facility Registry Google Group: http://is.gd/SYxwY4

OHIE Website: www.ohie.org

– Scott

For questions, comments or agenda items please contact me at

Email: steesdale@instedd.org

Skype: scott.teesdale