OHIE Community Call - OpenCRVS Presentation Scheduled 27 November 2017

Dear All

On the 27th of November 2017, the OHIE Community call will be hosting a discussion around the topic of “Civil Registration and Vital ****Statistics”. We are hoping to glean inputs from the broader community as to the current work and direction around CRVS as well as how HIE’s can support/leverage the CRVS workflows. As an introduction, there will be a brief “scene setting” by Edward Duffus on the work in OpenCRVS and the CRVS-Digitization Guidebook.

We would like to invite implementers from different continents to set aside one hour on their slot to join this call, to learn and share together the difference experiences/expertise.

The session will begin with a presentation of about 40 mins which will be followed by questions and answers. The call will be scheduled to commence at 10:00 - 11:00 AM Eastern Time (EST = GMT-5).

Please pass this invite to those who may not be receiving this mail or who you think would benefit from the discussions.

Thank you

Tariro Mandevani

Project Officer|Jembi Health Systems|South Africa

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