October 24 FRED call minutes and documents

Hi all,

The October 24 FRED project management call minutes are available at


These minutes cover the call agenda:

  1. 2013 Concept Sheet Preparation

  2. Facility Registry Communication Plan

  3. Action items

The discussed drafts of the concept sheet and the communications plan are currently available at on the project management
section of the FRED wiki at:


These documents are/will be open for input. Group comments are welcome, and please provide input on the document under your name instead of anonymously. We should have further opportunity to discuss these in the next regular FRED call on Nov.

Copies of the recently mentioned Tanzania documents and Kenya documents can be viewed on the technical section of the FRED wiki under Source
Materials- Use Cases/User Stories (toward the bottom) at https://confluence.dimagi.com/display/facilityregistry/Technical+Materials.

Apologies for any delay while we have had interesting weather in Washington DC. If you have suggestions for the Nov. 7 FRED project management call, please let me know through
the listserv or at




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