OCLFHIR Error 500: Internal Server Error

Hi all,
For the past couple of weeks I’ve been experiencing issues with the OCLFHIR, since none of the Valueset operations seem to work appropriately. I keep getting the “org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException” error over and over again.
The official documentation seems to be outdated because sometimes the Sources or Collections don’t seem to exist anymore.

Attached is a screen capture of my Postman request.


Thanks for sharing this Esteban! @jamlung @paynejd - Would you be able to help in this OCL issue?

Hi were you able to fix this? If you are yet to fix it, I can have a look and maybe help you to fix it.
Feel free to reach out.

Hi everyone, we discussed this over email a little bit so let me put some of those details in here, in case it helps in the future.

This error is for OCL’s old FHIR service, which is in the process of being replaced right now. The old FHIR service did not have the capability of doing ValueSet Expansions, which the API call appears to be querying. The new FHIR service will have this capability, however.

If you would like to participate in the testing for OCL’s new FHIR Core, please feel free to contact me via email: jamlung@regenstrief.org - we may be able to start testing in the next month or two.

For future issues, please feel free to report them in the OCL GitHub where appropriate: Issues · OpenConceptLab/ocl_issues · GitHub