Next meeting

I think today’s meeting was productive and informative because we encountered the InfoMan construct as we were trying to carry out a useful HIE transaction. I think that looking at the CSD query for services would be coming at things from the abstract to the concrete and would not be so useful. I would rather see us go to one or more of the patient register workflows. I think that would help us continue our error-handling and bootstrapping discussions of today, and would also address the issue of registry CRUD which at present is undefined for the FR and HWR.

I also want to offer an alternative view of the InfoMan cache. They are in a way like DHIS2 Resource Tables (Sec. 20.6 of the DHIS2 user manual), which are temporary tables created by joining and indexing tables of metadata. InfoMan first does a federated union of partial registries, then it cross-indexes them so they can be accessed directly by ExIDs instead of iterating over collection objects. Like resource tables, registry images need to be refreshed to reflect new (meta)data, in the case of InfoMan by a chron job.