New - Getting Started Guide - Ready for Input and Review

As many of you know, we had getting started guides for several of the OpenHIE components. As time passed, we realized that these guides often had very overlapping content and were positioned toward getting started with a component rather than getting started with health information exchange.

The new getting started guide is positioned to help implementers get started with a component, a data exchange project and/or an architecture definition project. The first two paths for getting started are nearing completion and ready for input and review BEFORE we format them in a more friendly way.

We are asking for feedback on Track 1 and Track 2 outlined on page 3 and any input on Track 3 materials. OpenHIE Gettting Started Guide - Draft - Google Docs

  1. Are there additional resources we should include?
  2. Are steps or content obviously missing?
  3. Please include any notes on wording or changes needed.

Thank you for your input and consideration.


Please provide feedback on the guide referenced above by May 15th

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