NEW Certification Opportunity - Foundations of Health Information Exchange

The OpenHIE Academy community now offers a certification! This initial certification will demonstrate the recipient has a foundational understanding of health information exchange.

Preparing, Registering, and Taking The Exam for Certification

Users will need to create an OpenHIE ID in order to register and purchase access for the exam. The certification will cost $39 US dollars, allowing users two attempts to pass the exam and receive the certification.These funds will be used to grow and sustain the OpenHIE Academy and future Academy Certification opportunities.

Prior to registration for the exam, interested persons will first need to ensure they are prepared for this exam. Preparation can look a few different ways and you can see all the details and access to the materials on this main page for Certification details.

While currently there is only one certification available, based upon needs in the field, we envision a future where community members can be certified in many areas across OpenHIE and health information exchange topics.

Those interested in pursuing this initial certification should begin by reading all the details on this web page. And those who are excited about and want to help in shaping the future of Academy Certifications can do so by participating in the Academy sub-community.

cc: @subcommunity_leads @Leads