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I’m cross-posting this note from Lynn at IHE regarding Connectathon pre-testing.


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Connectathon - what to work on this week - Nov 3 edition

      Lynn Felhofer <felhofer.lynn@gmail.com        >: Nov 03 01:01PM -0600

    To North American Connectathon 2015 participants,

Pre-Connectathon testing begins:

From November through January 9, we enter the “Pre-Connectathon” test phase of technical preparation for the North American Connectathon. In general, the process is…

We publish your list of pre-Connectathon test requirements. Your list of tests is customized based on the profile/actor pairs you have registered to test. See gazelle menu Connectathon—>Pre-Connectathon testing for a list of tests, a link to the test instructions, and a place to upload results.

You will access one or more tools that will enable you to perform these tests. Multiple organizations contribute tools for testing IHE profiles, and one of our biggest challenges is to roll out this family of 25 test tools. Find the tools you need using this Index to IHE Test Tools, and Pre-Connectathon Test Status by Domain.

When you perform a test, the tool simulates an actor and exchanges message(s) with the IHE implementation in your product, or the tool is a validator of a message, document or DICOM object produced by your IHE implementation.

The tool then performs evaluation and produces a result file.

You upload the result file into gazelle for that pre-Connectathon test. You then change the status of the test to one of:

Verified by vendor: this is your self-attestation that the tool produced a successful result

Completed with errors: the tool reported an error. You can add a note to explain the discrepancy. It may be a problem with your software, or you may think there’s a problem with our tool.

Supportive: you are choosing to skip this test because you are doing supportive testing

Each domain’s technical project manager reviews your results and assesses your progress in preparing for January. Note that we do not ‘grade’ each individual test. The tools do that for you. But we do evaluate your level of preparedness for Connectathon by the progress you demonstrate by completing pre-Connectathon tests and submitting results. The schedule shows January 9 as the deadline for submitting pre-Connectathon test results.

Note 1: We try hard to publish pre-Connectathon test expectations by Nov 1. Your test lists should remain stable, but in a few cases a new test or two may appear if updated tools become available in the coming weeks.

Note 2: Some profiles have no pre-Connectathon tests/tool, in which case you have no testing requirements until Cleveland.

Note 3: If you are a ‘creator’ of content (CDA documents, DICOM objects…), you may find a test on your list asking to provide a sample. That will be the topic of my note next week’s to this group.

Resources for you:

For first-time participants or those wanting a refresher: I hosted a webex on Tuesday Oct 8 to demonstrate the process of finding your pre-Connectathon test list in gazelle, accessing the tools you need, finding the detailed test descriptions, and submitting pre-Connectathon test results. If you missed it, you can view the recording and slides here.

The training resources page contains available tool webinars & help pages.

If you are testing an actor in the XDS, XDR, XDM, XCA or MPQ profiles, you will be using the NIST public registry and/or XDS toolkit

If you use these tools, you should subscribe to the ihe-xds-implementors group. It is a forum for developers and the source of new/updates on the XDS tools.

Review Bill’s Oct 29 note to that group about changes to the tools for this testing season

To keep in step with preparation, please find time in early November to review this information and understand the pre-Connectathon testing tasks that you will be performing. After you review the material, I’m available to answer any questions you have.

Lynn Felhofer
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