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hi all.

not sure who is subscribed to the connectathon group (highly recommended). this announcement re: internet testing is important for us, i think. it is a terrific way to do some pretesting (which hugely reduces our project risk).

worth a look, i think.



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“lynn felhofer (gmail)” felhofer.lynn@gmail.com Dec 11 11:44AM -0600

  Gazelle is now enabled to manage optional pre-Connectathon internet testing:

I hosted a webex this morning on how this will work. You can find the recording on the training page of the support material website: http://na2013.wustl.edu/Training.html

General info on internet testing is here: http://na2013.wustl.edu/TechnicalPrep/InternetTest.html

On the home page of gazelle, you will see a new testing session listed: “Internet Testing Session prior to NA2013 Connectathon”. Please watch the training before trying to use this testing session.


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Justin Cobb codedaemon.jc@gmail.com Dec 12 09:49AM


Just checking to see the pre-connection test for our system,


and a list of tests appear but each of them has no description. Is this a

known bug hanging over from the Gazelle problems the other day? The tests

in question are: 11966, 11979, 11983, 11986, 1221, 12029, 12086, 12333,

12335, 12345, 12369

Each test doesn’t have a name, I am sure they did for the last EU

connectathon round of pre-testing.

Many thanks,

Justin Cobb,

BridgeHead Software

On Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 5:44 PM, lynn felhofer (gmail) <

[NA2013:53] badge registration & table assignments

“Luszcz, Joseph” joe.luszcz@philips.com Dec 11 03:19PM

  Lynn, we do expect to have a total of 4 participants representing the Philips Ultrasound system that I had registered for; perhaps it would be useful to know for your planning purposes in case all registrations are not in by the 14th:

            Neal Grotenhuis

            Joe Luszcz

            Easwara Moorthy

            Keith Reed

Best regards,

Joe Luszcz

Philips Healthcare

Andover, MA, USA 01810


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Subject: [NA2013:53] badge registration & table assignments

Dear connectathon participants

Sarah just sent a nice reminder about registering your staff who will be testing during the January connectathon.

The registration you do in CVENT is important input to the table assignments --where you will sit for the week. CVENT helps me know if you are bring extra staff (more than the 2 free badges you get per test system) and enables me to allocate space for your staff adjacent to your test system.

I will be making table assignments on Saturday Dec 15; one input is the CVENT data. Please see details in my Nov 14 note below.

If you’re one of those last-minute people, well, here we are. You will still be able to register staff in CVENT after Dec 14 has passed, but it helps us to serve you better if we know in advance who’s coming.


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Subject: important input to connectathon table assignments

Date: November 14, 2012 12:39:51 PM CST

To: “ihe-north-american-connectathon-2013@googlegroups.commailto:ihe-north-american-connectathon-2013@googlegroups.com” <ihe-north-american-connectathon-2013@googlegroups.commailto:ihe-north-american-connectathon-2013@googlegroups.com>

Getting onto the Connectathon test floor:

Your staff members who attend the connectathon need a badge to get access to the connectathon test floor at the Hyatt in January. Last Friday, Sarah Willis from HIMSS posted the details<https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/ihe-north-american-connectathon-2013/qXTZFqPdJmE> to this group for what you need to know to get your badge(s). You must use CVENT to obtain your badge. (Note that if you’re used to the European connectathon procedures, this is different in North America where we use CVENT rather than gazelle to register participants at the event and generate badges. No need to use gazelle for NA2013.)

Determining where you will sit for the week:

I will give you your table assignments, taking several factors into account. In items (1) and (2) below, actions you take have some influence:

  1. Do you have oversized equipment? If you have equipment that does not fit onto a tabletop (e.g. an ultrasound machine), please send me a note before December 1. I will ensure that you are at the end of one of our long tables so that you have enough space.

  2. Are you bringing extra staff? For each test system registered in gazelle, you get one table and free badges for 2 of your staff for the week. You may choose to bring (and pay for) additional staff. Both your ‘free’ staff and (optionally) extra staff must be registered in CVENT. If you register your extra staff in CVENT by the December 14 deadline, I will seat that staff next to your test system table. If you register your extra staff later than Dec 14, you will pay more for their badge, and I will assign them a seat in the overflow area. Overflow tables are on the connectathon floor adjacent to the test system tables.

  3. Are you a HIMSS Showcase participant? I will try to seat companies in the same use case near each other. You don’t need to do anything here; I will get this input from the showcase planning team.

I will work on table assignments starting on December 15 using the data on registered participants from CVENT, and I will publish them before the end of the year.

I encourage you to do your planning now and complete your connectathon staff registration by Dec 14.

If you have questions about CVENT, payment for badges, or hotel details, contact connectathon@ihe.netmailto:connectathon@ihe.net. Otherwise, I am responsible for seating assignments on the test floor.


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Derek Ritz

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