MedxTek: "Towards data interoperability in digital health" - New Podcast Episode!

Ep47 - Towards data interoperability in digital health

This episode features the co-founders of the Digital Health Interoperability Network (DHIN): ⁠Emeka Chukwu⁠, ⁠Juliet Odogwu⁠ and ⁠Iniobong Ekong⁠. With over 90 members, DHIN is a network of experts committed to digital health standardization efforts in low- and middle-income countries. We discuss their mission of creating an ecosystem where standardized digital solutions can seamlessly interoperate, enabling health stakeholders to access and utilize critical information efficiently. For more information, please visit: ⁠⁠

MedxTek Africa is produced and hosted by ⁠Dr Sam Oti⁠, and co-edited by ⁠Veronica Ojiambo⁠. This episode was specially co-hosted by Veronica. If you have any thoughts on this episode, or recommendations of African health innovators that you’d like us to host on the show, please reach out directly by email: or find us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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