MEDIC client tooling for contacting OpenHIE (or rather, any system based on the same standards)

Forwarding a few helper tools to the community that Justin has taken the time to put together. Please pass on to those who may find this useful and encourage them to join the OHIN network mailing list (see details on community page:

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Hi All,

I’m not sure if there is a more comprehensive list posted somewhere else, but I have compiled a short set of tooling that MEDIC has developed (and is available in the wild) for contacting OpenHIE on a variety of platforms. It might help someone out there who is struggling to get started with the standards or want an easy way to test their client system integration.

Microsoft .NET Framework

  • AtnaApi ( - Provides a series of easy to use wrappers for creating ATNA (RFC-3881 and DICOM) compliant audits. This tool is useful when you need to follow standardized auditing of events such as disclosure, import, login, start/stop, etc. Sample: (
  • XDS Registry / Repository Client ( - Wraps underlying .NET serialization mechanisms to make XDS somewhat easier to interact with, this tooling is useful for contacting the Shared Health Record. Documentation is a little light on this one, but I will pull some sample code from our seeding tool.
  • PIX & PDQ Client ( - Wraps PIX and PDQ into a series of four functions, and provides a patient data model that can be used to interact with the Client Registry. Samples are being prepared for .NET.
    Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) - Microsoft Access, Excel, etc.
  • OpenHIE Client ( - This is one I’ve been meaning to rewrite for a long time and improve documentation. The link provides a download to a binary version that is standalone (doesn’t require any other modules) and works on 1.8.2 or higher. Anyone who is interested in taking over or doing improvements is welcome, but when I get a chance I will be re-writing this module (probably in May/June). PIX, PDQ, ATNA (RFC-3881 only) work, however the XDS submission set is broken.
    Hope this helps!



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