Looks like our workflow sequence diagram are broken on the wiki


It looks like the sequence diagram aren’t rendering on the wiki, I see this instead:

This is on a few of our workflow page, e.g. https://wiki.ohie.org/display/documents/Save+patient-level+clinical+data+workflow

@jthomas @jennifer.e.shivers maybe you know how to get this fixed.


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@timbrisc can you work some magic to fix the issue with the sequence diagramming on https://wiki.ohie.org/display/documents/Save+patient-level+clinical+data+workflow.

Error rendering macro 'uml-sequence’


Thanks for bringing to my attention. Looking back at my email, this same thing happened in September 2019 when we upgraded Confluence to 6.15.9. It broke again with Friday’s update to Confluence 7.1.2.

I have emailed the app developer to ask for information. Long term, we may need to find an alternative means of rendering these.

@timbrisc thanks for the update.
@ryan we may be able to get info from history or from the specification. Let me know if you need immediate help.

The UML diagrams should all be functional again. The app author prompted replied with an update that I applied to the server. (I get the feeling we’re one of only a few organizations using this rendering app.)

Is there a different app we could / should be using? It seems like it has worked well when we do the update.

There are two pieces to it: authoring and rendering. UML Sequence Diagrams are a standard so I believe we could move both/either to another platform. It seems the rendering of the diagrams is where the current problem lies. I could look into alternatives for that and keep the authoring on the same site.

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With this package we could rather easily build our own web service to render these sequence diagrams.

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Thanks for getting us up and running. Let’s discuss with Jamie and determine how this fits with priorities.

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For the openIMIS wiki on Atlassian Cloud we experimented a bit with the PlantUML macro. It looks quite stable and can also do other graph types e.g. graphviz, salt. PlantUML syntax is quite standard:

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To play around with it you can use the sample page in our wiki: https://openimis.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SB/pages/634912773/How+to+use+the+UML+graph+app

Need to join the openIMIS team on Atlassian to access, though :wink: