Looking for FHIR training materials / Project examples of FHIR use

Hello all,
I’m needing to create some FHIR training materials for a project. I would like to give examples of really health projects that use FHIR and how they use it. In addition, I got some slides from Intrahealth, but I am interested if anyone has a
deck they would be willing to share.



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Hi Jennifer,

Our team is working with FHIR specifications in two areas:

  1. The OpenLMIS project has examples of creating Measures and Measure Reports in this scoping document: https://openlmis.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/OP/pages/456294708/DHIS2+Integration+Software+Requirements+Specification#DHIS2IntegrationSoftwareRequirementsSpecification-FieldMapping This allows the OpenLMIS system to generate measureReports every time a requisition is submitted and make them available to a third party system for consumption.

  2. I don’t have any public slides, but am happy to have a conversation about this. The OpenSRP platform has an internal workflow system built using the FHIR location and task data models. We are also working on a process that uses the planDefinition resource for defining actions, goals and generating tasks for particular jurisdictions when the plan is approved centrally.





Craig Appl

Health Technical Lead