LIS Subcommunity Meeting this Thursday (March 16) @11am US Est

Please join us for a refresher training on the LIS Assessment Tool on March 16, at 11am US Est, led by Yao He.

For everyone who participated in our December meeting, and heard Kenya’s feedback on the testing of the tool. This is a good follow-up to that. You will learn about the background of the tool, as well as its components. We are also seeking other countries that may be open to testing the tool.

@rufuskn @caseynth @janflowers

If you could not make it to the Lab Information System Call yesterday Thursday March 16 you can watch the recording or read notes on the 2023-03-16 Lab Information System Wiki Call Page.

The LIS subcommunity will now meet on a quarterly basis. The next call is scheduled for Thursday 15 June 2023 at 3 pm UTC |11:00 am EDT.

The monthly call time will remain held on the OpenHIE calendar for working sessions and as an open call line.