LIS/LIMS functional requirements

The emerging Laboratory Information Systems Community of Practice (LIS CoP) is working on defining architecture specifications and workflows for LIS/LIMS. At this time, we would like to request input from the community on the Must, Should, and May have functional requirements of any LIS/LIMS.

“Must” means the function has to be included. “Should” means the function really needs to be included to meet best practices,. “May” means the function would be good to have, but is not necessary to meet best practices.

Please review the list of LIS/LIMS functional requirements and offer your input directly in the document, or as a comment under this topic.

LIS/LIMS Functional Requirements

Your feedback will help guide us as we develop guidance for ministries to use when they are selecting LIS/LIMS platforms for their use cases.

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Hi, the document seems to be view only - could that be edited please. Also a note here is that in general I think a lot of the requirements look great. I think since we are considering this as part of and interoperability architecture that the ability to exchange with external system is rather a must rather than a should.

It should be accessible to anyone with a link. We encourage comments directly in the document.
Please let us know if you continue to have issues.