Linux Foundation Public Health OPO Submittal for Review


We’ve received Linux Foundation Public Health’s formal interest to become an OpenHIE Partnership Organization (OPO). Attached you will find their capability statement and their completed OpenHIE Partnership Agreement.

Next steps for leadership to take:

  1. Review Linux Foundation Public Health capability statement and relational agreement:
  1. After reviewing, if you would like to make a motion in favor of Linux Foundation Public Health as an OPO, you can do so on this thread. The motion will then need to be seconded by another organization on this thread as well.

Note: Jim St. Clair with Linux Foundation Public Health will be invited to join April’s OpenHIE Leadership Call to share how/why they would like to engage with OpenHIE; therefore, consensus may also be made on the call. A Discourse post will be made once Jim has confirmed his availability.


Tags: Community Growth, Governance, Partner-org


Thanks for sharing this, Michelle. I think LFPH would make a fine OpenHIE partner and would be happy to make a motion in favour of them being accepted to join the community in that role.
Warmest regards, and stay safe and well, all,