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From: Rowena Luk []
Sent: Monday, January 23, 2012 8:25 PM
To: Richard Gakuba; Gehron, Michael M;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Nancy Gabor; Liz Peloso
Subject: Follow-up to Today’s Facility Registry Call

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your participation in the call this morning, it was great to get the ball rolling. As promised, I’ve set up a wiki and posted initial materials. Everyone feel free to edit and revise as you see fit. You can find it here:

Ryan, we’d love to add RHEA’s api specification to these resources, as well as any needs assessment work that your team has documented. Once we have a clear view of what’s been done here, that’ll put us in a good space to think about what we’d like to see in a harmonized facility registry that we’d all want to work with.

For those who missed the call, Nancy has kindly agreed to send out her minutes from the meeting, and we also have the audio recording available here.