KPI resources from SCOR and VAN

Hi OHIE-SC colleagues,

I added references to APICS SCOR metrics onto our OHIE-SC KPIs wiki page:

APICS SCOR Metrics (version 12.0) and

SCOR is the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model and it contains over 250 metrics. Level 1 metrics are for the overall health of the supply chain. These metrics are also known as key performance indicators, KPIs.

A few questions:

  1. Does SCOR have any more detailed metric definitions that we can share publicly or cite? More than just those 2 links above?

  2. I added a note that the SCOR ‘Perfect Order Fulfillment’ Reliability metric RL1.1 is roughly equivalent to the On Time In Full OTIF KPI. OTIF is also defined in the ISG Harmonization of Key Performance Indicators, also in the UN Commission on Life-saving Commodities Recommended Indicators and in the Gavi DISC Indicators. I would like feedback on whether you feel those 4 KPI definitions are roughly equivalent.

  3. Does anyone have an official reference to the Visibility & Analytics Networks (VAN) Project Blueprint Reference Model funded by Gates Foundation prepared by Accenture? I have a personal copy (version 1.0 2015), but I cannot find where it officially lives in a public online location. At our March meeting, the group suggested adding a VAN section to our KPI page.

-Brandon Bowersox-Johnson, VillageReach