JUNE 28 – Identity Management Collaborative Session

Join the next Identity Management Collaborative Session this Wednesday June 28 @ 8-9:30 am | EST 12-1:30 pm | UTC 1-2:30 pm | WAT 2-3:30 pm |SAST 3-4:30 pm EAT

We will continue to discuss what work countries are doing around patient identity management. Teams from Rwanda will share their experiences to start the discussion. The goals of these monthly meetings are to:
• Provide space for peer learning on patient identity management.
• Build community linkages between teams working on patient identity management.
• Begin to gather common practices, challenges and experiences to be documented in the Patient Identity Management Toolkit

Connection Details:
Join from computer or mobile: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Meeting ID: 828 2453 9607 Password: 1

The Community is always looking for volunteers to share how different countries are linking person level data systems together. Please reach out on our community forum if you are interested in learning more.