IOL & DATIM Call schedules Clash

Dear All

We have an existing conflict with the Datim Calls and IOL & SHR Combined calls due to Daylight Savings. This then made it impossible for this week’s IOL call to take place. We had proposed the 28 of November for the IOL call but still, there would be a clash with the DATIM call. With the festive season coming up soon, we will not be able to have the call that is scheduled for 19 December 2017 as most of the companies would have closed for the year.

Could you please advise if you have any particular topics which you need to discuss with the group? If no one has urgent issues that need attention, then calls will resume in January 2018.

Thank you


Tariro Mandevani

Project Officer|Jembi Health Systems|South Africa

Cape Town Office:

Tel: +27(0)21 701 0939

Skype: tariro.mandevani2