IOL Call cancelled on Tuesday 11th November due to ICT4H Connectathon

Hi All

The Interoperability Layer community call next week on on Tuesday 11th November has been cancelled as many members of our community will be involved in the Interoperability Showcase at the ICT4H Conference in Durban, S.A.

The ICT4H connectathon and showcase aims to demonstrate the sharing and re-use of patient demographic data and a limited subset of clinical information from encounters across multiple existing mHealth applications and eHealth systems as well as the submission of aggregated data to DHIS by utilising the interoperability standards defined in the recently published National Health Normative Standards Framework for Interoperability in eHealth in South Africa.

It will also showcase the OpenHIE’s architectural approach and framework.

More information about the supported workflows and IHE profiles can be found here:

We will set aside the first 20 minutes of the SHR Community call on Tuesday 17th November for feedback from the showcase.

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Linda Taylor
Jembi Health Systems- Technical Project Coordinator
Skype: linda.jembi