Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to introduce you to three colleagues that I just added on the facility registry mailing list.

Chris Ford is from ThoughtWorks who will be helping to lead the mTrac integration with DHIS2 in Uganda overseen by Craig Berman from UNICEF Uganda who is overseeing that project.

mTrac is an SMS based facility reporting tool being scaled up country wide. For the integration, the project there is hoping to implement the new API so it represents another important important client/integration for the project in a new country Uganda.

Lastly, I’d like to introduce Evan who most of you probably already know. Evan is heading up UNICEF’s 1000 day initiative. This will involve building several different health system components that will need to integrate with the facility registry API.

Please welcome them to the effort and we look forward to their feedback especially as they try and make use of the API.