Introducing OpenFn DPG and its workflow engine for interoperability - Join us May 17 in the IOL/SHR Call

Hello there, Community! OpenFn is a DPG that has been used as a workflow engine and/or interoperability layer “mediator” within the OpenHIE architecture. Under the guidance of our open-source steering committee and key partners at several government health ministries, we’ve embarked on a new extension to our DPG called “Lightning”, which will provide an open-source web app for building, running, and auditing automated workflows, and will be compatible with OpenHIE.

In next Tuesday’s Interoperability Layer/SHR call on May 17th, we will be introducing Lightning and OpenFn<>OpenHIE compatibility, and hoping to seek the community’s input on use cases/challenges they’ve come across when integrating with OpenHIE that have required (i) custom OpenHIM mediators or (ii) add-on workflow engines. We hope to consider these use cases and challenges in our next phase of development for the OpenFn Integration Toolkit, which can be used to extend and expedite OpenHIE interoperability implementations.

We’d welcome your voices, suggestions, and questions if you would be willing to join us in next Tuesday’s IOL call - see proposed agenda:

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