Interoperability between Lab (OpenELIS) and EMR (OpenMRS) systems using HL7 v 2.5

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Link to the Specifications Documentation

I hope this is the appropriate place for this, but I wanted to share our approach for interoperability between OpenMRS (iSante+) and lab information systems (OpenELIS Global) within the clinic. In this use case, both the EMR and LIS servers are colocated in the same facility (potentially on the same server), and are not using the internet or a consolidated server to facilitate the exchange.

This approach supports sending lab diagnostic requests, updates with preliminary and partial results, and final results, as well as any updates to final results. LOINC codes are used as the primary method of matching diagnostic tests between EMR and LIS systems.

This approach is in use in Haiti currently at pilot sites, with a wider implementation forthcoming.

For our next steps, we are creating FHIR v4 APIs for OpenELIS Global 2.0 and working with the OpenMRS FHIR Squad on the OMRS FHIR Module to support a fully functional FHIR option as well.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or any comments, thank you!

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Casey Iiams-Hauser
Senior Digital Health Specialist
International Training & Education Center for Health (I-TECH)
Department of Global Health, University of Washington


@caseynth thank you for sharing! This approach is something the #architecture community and especially the @arch_review_board want to know about when it comes to data exchange.

I agree with @jthomas. Would you be willing to share this approach on an architecture call in Q1. I’m sure we could all learn from what you are doing and provide any feedback you may want. Let me know if you are open to that.
Thank you so much for sharing

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Sure! We’d be happy to share. Christina White and I are leading that effort, just let us know when!

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