Interested in a 2020 Hackonnect-a-thon?

With the postponement of the 2020 OpenHIE Community Meeting due to numerous concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, see the announcement here, we are exploring virtual activities that would be of interest to the community to allow networking, implementation support, and exchange of knowledge and experiences, where possible.

One of the activities being looked at is a virtual Hackonnect-a-thon, see details from our 2019 event. OpenHIE Hackonnect-a-thon’s provide a technical space for software teams and architects to engage and get their “hands-in” or “on” OpenHIE itself and see it materialised. Combining the principles of a connectathon and a hackathon we are excited to provide a space for teams to connect their existing tools to OpenHIE workflows and use-cases as well as give the community an opportunity to propose low hanging fruit use cases for the groups to work on. Recognising that many attendees may be new to OpenHIE there is no better way than actively engaging in designing, developing, configuring, implementing and connecting to an OpenHIE architecture to learn the fundamentals and build the relationships that you will need going forward.

In order to successfully plan for this event, we are asking the OpenHIE community to provide input on various issues such as;

  • What would be your preferred timing of the event? (ie. month and timezone)
  • What type of goals or priorities would you like to see worked on?
  • What tools do you use/plan to use in your work that you would want to see as part of the event?
  • Do you have a tool/system you’d like to make available for attendees to work on, and would you be willing to make this available virtually or provide support for attendees to set it up themselves?
  • Are there any challenges you may face in attending a virtual Hackonnect-a-thon? E.g. reliable internet access.

Please post your thoughts by replying to this topic and if you see something you like vote for it! If someone has suggested something you would like to see, please “like” the post by clicking its heart icon.


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