IHE prep webinar recording

Hi all.

There was an IHE prep webinar yesterday. The recording and slides are available here (from a note sent by Lynn, our IHE connectathon technical contact person):

*Connectathon Preparation Steps recording

If you were unable to join today’s webinar covering the November & December connectathon preparation steps, the recording is here: https://himss.webex.com/himss/lsr.php?AT=pb&SP=EC&rID=72022052&rKey=690cabc6d726f664

For future reference, that link and the slides are posted on the Support Materials website: http://na2014.wustl.edu/Training.html*

Please, let’s be sure to keep abreast of the info in our Gazelle accounts. That was one of the keys to having such a good outcome last year with the Jembi team.

Warmest regards,