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I have been doing some reading of the IHE profiles around pregnancy and have found a number of interesting thing. The foremost of which is that there is a Perinatal Workflow defined by IHE that explains would multiple profiles are used together to capture a mothers pregnancy from antepatum, to labour and delivery and to postpartum care. This describes what documents need to be captured and retrieved at particular times as well as describing how laboratory and imaging can be handled.

If you are interested you can read this here: http://www.ihe.net/Technical_Framework/upload/IHE_PCC_Suppl_PW_Rev1-1_TI_2010-08-30.pdf

Also, the following document are worth a read to gain a greater insight into the antepartum documents:

The Antepartum Summary is typically used as a ‘living document’ where the latest information is added to the end of the flowsheet at each visit. This is different than a typical Medical Summary which typically would not share information until document is complete. Although this pattern of updates is not prohibited by Medical Summary, it is also not typical. For APS documents may be published at the end of each visit, but subsequent updates with a pregnancy SHALL be represented as document replacement by including a element as below.

So, it seems that we should have the PoC systems update and replace APS documents as they attend to new vists during a woman’s pregnancy.

TLDR; it seems that we can follow the IHE perinatal workflow from IHE to inform the workflow for perinatal care, this will include submitting an initial APHP document then updating and replacing the APS document for each subsequent visit up until delivery where the both of these documents are used to inform the delivery unit’s care.

We can expand our use cases by following the Perinatal Workflow which includes a more complete view on a pregnancy workflow.

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