IHE Data Access Framework (DAF) White Paper

Hi all.

The DAF white paper is out for public comment. This white paper was “commissioned” from IHE by the US office of the national coordinator (ONC) for health IT. The white paper looks at a specific set of use cases that ONC defined and maps the various IHE profiles to those use cases; it also identifies where there are gaps and maps out a bit of a roadmap that could close those gaps.

The ONC’s use cases are really quite consistent with the kinds of things that OpenHIE needs to do, too. This shouldn’t be a surprise; we all need to do pretty much the same things to care for our populations. What is useful is the quite fulsome analysis of IHE’s “coverage” that this white paper gives us.

I’d like to invite our various communities to look at the DAF white paper and see where our specific use cases might resonate with the ONC’s ones. As good contributors, it would be helpful for us to comment on this document (it is in its comment period for the next 6 weeks or so). We also can, I think, see where the “gaps” might point us towards work items that we can contribute to, or even lead.

The IHE announcement is copied below:

The IHE Patient Care
Coordination Technical Committee has published the following white paper for
public comment in the period from March
28 through April 27, 2014

  •  A Data Access Framework Using
    IHE Profiles

The document is available for download at http://www.ihe.net/Public_Comment/#pcc.
Comments submitted by April
27, 2014
will be considered by the IHE Patient Care
Coordination Technical Committee in developing the final version of the white
paper. Comments can be submitted at http://www.ihe.net/PCC_Public_Comments/.

Hope we can contribute; I think this is a worthwhile item for us.

Warmest regards,