IHE Connectathon & HIMSS Showcase

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I was just on a call with Shaun, Odysseas, and Lorinne re: our upcoming Connectathon and HIMSS showcase activities. The subject of the call was to review what we need to do in January to “certify” our openHIE infrastructure and what we will be then able to demonstrate at the HIMSS Showcase in March.

In January, we will certify the HIM as a PIX consumer and as an XDS document creator and consumer. For the XDS, we will be a content consumer and creator for two document types: Antepartum Summary (APS) and Emergency Department Referral (EDR). Separately, Sysnet will be certifying openEMPI as a PIX/PDQ provider for v2 and v3.

This will set us up to demonstrate our whole openHIE stack at the HIMSS showcase. We will decide, over the next few days, what we will use as the SHR element at the showcase. We will choose whether we will put an IHE-compatible façade in front of OpenMRS or whether we will just stand up an IHE-compliant XDS repository (there are many open source ones available to us). For the demo workflow – we will be leveraging OpenMRS at the clinic, RapidSMS in the “village”, and OpenMRS at the hospital to show the power of interoperable eHealth infrastructure in a maternal care use case. (NOTE: Mike has invited us to add an HIV “angle” to this story… but that is on the plate of our clinicians to do. We can’t, at this point, add any new IHE profiles so any new twists must fit inside the PIX, APS and EDR messages).

This whole process and user story is illustrated in the attached slide deck, which informed our original registration for the IHE Connectathon.

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