Icons for Health Finance in the Architecture

Hi All

Following the design conversations around the Health Finance component the team has come up with this pair for the point of service and the business domain. We are looking to include this in the architecture diagram next week. Please let us know if you have any major issues with the images (and proposed fixes to the issues) asap.

@uwe.wahser, @daniel.futerman @saurav.bhattarai

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Thanks @carl, these look good to me, no issues.

the blue one is perfect )) means “medical billing” ? )))

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Hi @christinadickens

(firstly welcome to discource :slight_smile: )

We will be using both, one represents the “edge” systems and the other the “central registry/service” node. We are starting through modelling the interactions of the health insurance space and using the team from www.openIMIS.org to help us bring this to life.

:wave: @christinadickens Here’s a look at the current OpenHIE architecture diagram.

really impressive ! Good luck !