HWR Call Wednesday June 7th at 9:00 EST/2:00 WAT/3:00 CAT/ 4:00 EAT/ 21:00 Manila

Dear Health Worker Registry members,

We hope you will join us for Wednesday’s OpenHIE Health Worker Registry Call, scheduled for 9:00 EST/2:00 WAT/3:00 CAT/ 4:00 EAT/21:00 Manila. We do not have a set agenda but are reserving the time to continue to discuss the mCSD profile and take questions from countries interested in implementing a HWR.

Please send me any additional agenda items you have and, as always, let me know if you need help getting connected.

can dial in any participants who are not able to connect through Skype via one of the numbers below. If you have any issues or concerns during the call, please reach me via Skype at enicholson_intrah.

Agenda & Notes


Passcode – 34048002#

The numbers to call are:

US: 800-220-9875

Norway: 800-142-85

Ireland: 800-625-002

Canada: 800-221-8656

South Africa 0-800-982-555

Please note that additional Toll-free numbers can be found here or I can connect you via skype.

International (Not Toll-free) 1-302-709-8332

Many thanks,