How KenyaEMR 3.X System was built by KenyaEMR Community to Support Primary Healthcare

The Shiriki Team invites you to their next webinar, “How KenyaEMR 3.X System was built by KenyaEMR Community to Support Primary Healthcare” on Tuesday, July 9, 8:00–9:00 EDT. This is the second session of a 3-part series.

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Session overview:

Second webinar will tell Kenya’s success story to domesticate RefApp 3.0. The Kenyan approach of getting developers from service delivery partners to collaborate with Palladium developers in hackathon events in order to develop KenyaEMR 3.X is traced. Session will illustrate development of specific country modules and services to meet emerging country requirements such as Unique Patient Identification, primary health care (facility-wide services), community referral services, and Universal Health Care among others. The maturation approach of controlled deployment of KenyaEMR 3.X in select health facilities and incremental feature and module development to meet field requirements will be laid out. The Kenyan journey to adopt and implement a facility-wide system across the country will be highlighted. The session will highlight on innovative design of KenyaEMR 3.X, controlled deployment experience, scale-up strategies and partnerships employed to drive nation-wide rollout of KenyaEMR 3.X in Kenya.

Series Overview

A three-part webinar series that highlights iterative development, deployment and user experience of a modular OpenMRS RefApp in Kenya. It will trace the global collaboration at the outset by OpenMRS Inc to lead implementers in designing RefApp EMR used by more than 80 countries. A partnership of CDC, Palladium Kenya and OpenMRS Inc led to a significant contribution to RefApp development by Kenya, resulting in first field implementation of RefApp 3.0 to be done in Kenya. Subsequently, Kenyan developers got together to make enhancements that support of primary care and facility-wide coverage in KenyaEMR 3.X. In final segment, we share field experience of KenyaEMR 3.X system by service providers as they relate their user stories when navigating and using the system to perform their daily tasks. The healthcare providers will showcase use of specific KenyaEMR 3.X services. In their own words, users will describe how this system has made an impact in their service provision.

The final session will be held on July 23. Materials for the series are here.