HMIS functional requirements

Hi Jennifer

After engaging with DHIS2 community (and not getting a lot of
feedback) here is my list for critique:

1. An HMIS shall act as a datastore for information which can be used
for better decision making in the health system
2. An HMIS should provide mechanisms (preferably web based) for data entry
3. An HMIS should provide mechanisms to improve the quality and
validity of data (smart forms, validation rules etc)
4. An HMIS should provide standard interfaces for the importing of
data from other systems (eg. ADX, FHIIR ..)
5. An HMIS shall maintain an accurate list of health facilities and
their geographic and administrative distribution
6. An HMIS may provide interfaces for sharing health facility
information with other systems (facility registry)
7. To support its primary function of data use, an HMIS should:
7.1 be able to further aggregate and analyze data (eg provide annual
report from monthly data)
7.2 An HMIS should offer an interface to query its data in a flexible
way across different dimensions (analytics API)
7.3 An HMIS should provide customized graphic visualizations of data